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  • One-on-One Coaching Session +
    $150 first hour, subsequently $100/ hr $400 for 4 Face to Face Sessions (approximately 1-1.5hrs) Whatsapp & phone support during treatment time up to 6 months (Hospital visits not included in package) The coaching sessions are customised according to client’s needs. Can be conducted virtually via Skype or Zoom.
  • Caregivers Coaching +
    $100/ hour Can be group session for up to 4 caregivers Possible topics can include how to provide support; coping as a caregiver, intimacy during and post-treatment, relationship coaching. The coaching sessions are customized according to caregiver’s needs. Can be conducted in person or virtually via Skype or Zoom or Whatsapp video.
  • Group Cancer Coaching: Post-Cancer +
    Facilitated by Cancer Coach. It is a chance to meet others who have similar needs & goals. These groups are designed to help you through difficult stages of your recovery. Topics for discussions can include: Fear of future Returning to work Body Image/ Sexuality Decision Making Coping with stress Cost of Group Coaching Session $80 for 2hrs session. Minimum 5 participants to start. 100% proceeds from the Group Cancer Coaching session will be donated to HCA Hospice Care. Please email to indicate your interest.
  • One-on-One Coaching Session +
    Standing at a crossroad where you need to make a major life change? Having a feeling you are not living your true passion? Feeling overwhelmed and want greater ease & increased satisfaction in life? Just need to fresh perspective? Using precise probing questions, Tricia has an amazing ability to take you on a journey as she drills down to find out what’s really holding you back, while allowing you to connect the dots yourself, so you can move forward and get back on track, fast with confidence, strength and renewed purpose. Tricia’s role as a Life Coach is to create a platform for strategising, as well as provide support & accountability which is vital in overcoming obstacles and maintaining motivation. $150 for 1 Session ( average 1-1.5hrs )
  • Awareness Talks +
    Topics Include: Inner Peace - What You Need to Restore the Balance Emotional and Mental Cancer – The Invincible Cancer Let’s Talk about Sex - How Can Sex Coaching help Rekindle the Relationship? Live Well to Die Well - 6 Months to Live Suitable for Women audience in community groups, Corporate Lunch & Learns, Support groups. Tricia has been motivating women to unleash their potential and unlock their personal power towards self-confidence and success. Her message of self-worth, vision and personal power comes from her real-life experience of turning tragedy into triumph and obstacles into opportunities. Her own life’s lessons have become the foundation and core philosophy of her business which is based on love, compassion and a deep commitment to help women create a balanced life of peace, prosperity and true happiness. Tricia’s greatest joy is inspiring women to live a life they deserve. Awareness talks can be customised according to target audience. Please email or call to enquire.

*Please keep in mind our 48-hour change/cancellation policy. If you can’t reschedule your session on time, fees will apply, as we won’t be able to offer this time slot to another client at such short notice.

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